SBT - Skin Biology Therapy

Prof. Volker Steinkraus

The man behind SBT Skin Biology Therapy


"Amazing products, that make my skin glow evenly. Meanwhile, I have already recommended SBT Skin Biology Therapy to several friends. All of them are enthusiastic!"

Rahel Steppacher

Dermatology meets Cosmetics

"The best skincare comes from within." Prof. Volker Steinkraus

SBT Skin Biology Therapy defines a completely new, innovative category of dermatological skin care products.

SBT Skin Biology Therapy is the result of a successful collaboration between the renowned dermatologist Prof. Steinkraus, founder of the DERMATOLOGIKUM HAMBURG, and famous Swiss cosmetic research laboratories.

SBT Skin Biology Therapy is the first facial skin care line to use Cell Culture Phase (a cell nutrient fluid) instead of pure water as the base for all its products. Cell Culture Phase continually provides the skin with important nutrients – which enables the skin to restore its vitality on its own (Pro-Youthing Effect). The result is radiant, visibly rejuvenated skin.

SBT Skin Biology Therapy has transformed a complexly structured, biological principle of action – Cell Culture Phase – into an easy-to-use skin care concept.

SBT Skin Biology Therapy | Summer Care

With SBT Skin Biology Therapy protected and cared for through the summer
We’ve had to wait a long time, but now it’s here. Gone are the dark, grey winter days and now our skin enjoys the light and the warming rays of the sun.
But what, exactly, does the skin need during this time and how can it be best cared for in order to maintain its youthful appearance?
The summer must-haves from SBT Skin Biology Therapy provide the answer to this question:
SBT Skin Biology Therapy | refreshed
Cell Culture Face Cleansing | gel
A light, cooling cleansing gel for skin that tends to have impurities. It provides gentle but perfect deep cleansing. Due to the phosphate buffered saline the natural pH-level of the skin is not destroyed and the hydrolipidic protective mantle remains intact. 
Tip: In summer use the gel for the whole body – it refreshes and stimulates and is just marvelous.

Cell Culture Face Cleansing | toner
This alcohol-free face water contains the Cell Culture Phase and is the ideal care preparation after cleansing.  It calms and clarifies the skin and protects it from drying out. The result is a wonderfully soft, velvety skin feeling. The ideal refresher treatment for hot days.
Tip: Can also be used during the day as a face-splash. 
SBT Skin Biology Therapy | protected and cared for
Cell Culture Face Care | SPF 30+
Is a light, rapidly absorbed cream with very high-protection UVA and UVB filters in a 1:3 relationship in keeping with the latest guidelines. They protect the skin against long-term skin damage and premature aging and they safeguard it against sunburn (SPF 30).  Ozone and immune-protection complexes also shield the skin against negative environmental influences. Vitamin E, a free radical scavenger, counteracts premature skin aging. The basis of the product, Cell Culture Phase, has been proven to promote the regeneration of the skin by up to 100% and thereby improves the moisture content and the elasticity of the skin. It’s an ideal companion for taking along in the beach bag. 
Cell Culture Lip Solution | SPF 15
The skin of the lips is especially thin and therefore needs care not only in winter. Cell Culture Lip Solution | SPF 15 is a rich, protecting lip salve for rough, dry lips. Precious oils care for the lips and prevent them from drying out. In addition, Panthenol moistens and soothes the sensitive skin of the lips, while the UVA and UVB filters (SPF 15) protect against damaging rays of sun. The tested and proven Cell Culture Phase stimulates the regeneration of the skin and promotes its elasticity. The result: healthy, full lips that look well cared for. The perfect protection against wind and sun during a long walk on the beach. 
Tip: Ideal as a lipstick base. The lipstick stays on the lips longer and its color is intensified.